About GMP Investment

GMP Investment specialise in producing secure cloud based administration systems to control the activities of Investment sales businesses. Our systems have been developed with clients since early 2011 to help them manage the complex process of managing investment sales.

The management of sales network teams who need real-time product listings, secure hierarchal sales administration, pension transfer tracking, client yield payments and agent commissions is effectively controlled in the integrated GMP Investment processes. Tracking investment sales across several markets, languages and currencies is a complex business. The GMP Investment software package is designed to make it simple for sales teams to manage products, clients and sensitive data. GMP Investment was developed in consultation with top investment managers to deliver a sales and administration software that performs effectively - anywhere in the world - in any currency or market.

What can the GMP Investment system help you do?
Most companies selling Investment manage their businesses with an array of computer and paper-based processes which are difficult to control or communicate effectively.

The complexities of investment sales management require a robust, secure, adaptable and throughly reliable integrated IT support system that eases administrative procedures allowing your operational staff to focus on providing an optimal, cost effective service to the client and the selling agencies.

GMP Investment is a secure, cloud based system and enables all key information to be integrated and shared based on a hierarchal structure that filters sensitive information from those that don't need to know
Simple solutions to complex tasks
•    Monitor portfolio performance, settle transactions and report to clients
•    Real-time access to product listings and client data.
•    Sophisticated processing of pension transfers, client yield payments and agent commissions.
•    Store detailed client records in one central system and recall seamlessly.
•    Access portfolios online from any device with an internet connection.
•    Compatible with regulated and non-regulated products.
•    Designed to work across global markets and currencies.
Understanding your world
GMP Investment was developed in consultation with top investment managers to deliver a sales and administration software that performs effectively - anywhere in the world - in any currency or market.
Core system Modules
Businesses' needs products, selling agents and customers before any system is useful GMP Investment integrates these 3-elements in the selling process to assist the administrative complexities to understand the opportunities it has created and need to manage.
Managing Post Sales Yields
Managing investment communications, especially if an investment has yield income payments for many years after the investment is managed simply in the integrated functionality.
Smarter ways to securely share information
Our system is fully integrated and uses an intelligent hierarchy so that sensitive information is shared only with those who need to see it.

GMP's advanced email markeitng and CRM system makes it easy for you to communicate yield income payments and keep clients informed of fund performance.
Training and support services
GMP (Global Management Platform) provide training for systems either in their own facilities in the UK, or at the clients' own premises around the world.

Online systems support is complimented with quarterly administration workshops and webinar sessions to top-up system knowledge.
Bespoke workshops can be arranged to suit an individual clients' own requirements.
Systems that are flexible
The GMP Investment system comes in 3-versions which can be viewed on the GMP Investment homepage and the functionality is supplied depending on the version you select to satisfy your needs.

The best way to understand how the GMP Investment systems can streamline your business is to talk to us and let us show you how we can help.
Experienced & Robust
Investment system needs are very complex as most have a core sales process made complicated by the sales network used to create the initial sale. Regulated or Non-Regulated products managed. GMP Investment works in any currency and has in-built features to support the administration process in most cases.

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